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Dean's speech

Ванін Володимир Володимирович

V.V. Vanin
Doctor of technical Science,
the dean of the faculty

Dear friends and, hopefully, future colleagues!

In the nearest future you’ll have to make one of the most important decisions of those that already have emerged in your life. You’ll have to make a choice, which will significantly determine almost all your future life. The name of the university, which you’ll graduate from, is not just your visiting card. It’s also your worldview, your mentality, your potential opportunities, which, in fact, still need to be realized. I wish to assure you that the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" is entirely appropriate choice that you’ll never regret. Why is it so?

The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics provides training of professionals in fundamental and applied problems of various fields of modern physics and mathematics. They extend from the aero-and hydrodynamics to the physics of atomic nuclei and elementary particles, involve using methods of mathematical modeling and computer simulation, training in economic analysis and forecasting economic subjects activity, construction and calculation of mathematical models of commercial and financial structures.

Students have the opportunity to master the computer simulation of physical processes, numerical simulation, methods of scientific experiment, methods of computational physics, synergy and catastrophe theory, the theory of self-organization of complex systems and dynamical chaos, the theory of nonlinear phenomena; to explore models of the financial assets and indicators dynamics for discrete and continuous time, probabilistic and statistical ideas and methods of stochastic calculus in the analysis of market risks, development problems of mathematical and algorithmic support of informational security systems.

Educational and scientific work of the faculty is carried out in close collaboration with the Institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

We teach those who will glorify national science and contribute the world science over the years.