Укр Eng

The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics carries out training of specialists in fundamental and applied problems in various fields of modern physics and mathematics, from aerospace and hydrodynamics to physics of the atomic nucleus and elementary particles - using mathematical and computer modeling methods, training of specialists in the analysis and forecasting of the economic Activity of market economy subjects, construction and calculation of mathematical models of commercial and financial structures.

Students have the opportunity to master the computer simulation of physical processes; Numerical simulation; Methods of scientific experiment; Methods of computational physics, synergetics and catastrophic theory; The theory of self-organization of complex systems and dynamic chaos; The theory of nonlinear phenomena; To study models of dynamics of financial assets and indicators for discrete and continuous time; Probabilistic-statistical ideas and stochastic calculus methods in the analysis of market risk; Problems of development of mathematical algorithmic provision of information systems of insurance.

The educational and scientific work of the faculty is carried out in close cooperation with the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and international scientific research universities.